Waterflower (real name Sabīne Moore) is a multimedia artist from Latvia. Using plants and mushrooms as both instruments and MIDI generators, they create a unique blend of avant-pop, eco-futuristic hyperpop, and digital hardcore that speaks to the urgent need to protect and preserve our natural world. In addition to their raw and powerful music, Waterflower's live shows feature synced video animations, creating a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience.

With a critically acclaimed album (nominated for two Latvian Zelta Mikrofons awards) and a music video selected to compete in the Riga IFF Baltic Music Video competition, Waterflower is an artist to watch out for. They are not only a musical talent, but also a visual artist whose work can be exhibited in galleries as well as discovered in underground clubs.

In addition to their work as Waterflower, Sabīne Moore also performs as drag king Bill Lagoon. Waterflower's roots in the underground music scene go back to 2006, when they first gained recognition as bedroom pop and noise act Kroffork, releasing their music for free on last.fm. As one of the first female solo acts in electronic music in the Latvian underground, Sabīne Moore has been making a name for themselves for over a decade.